If you are thinking about taking the Quickscreen Dyslexia test, you may find it useful to see a summary of user feedback below

This feedback was collated from survey responses received after a QuickScreen dyslexia test was completed during 2016. Please click on each of the three questions below to view feedback received under each point.

You can also read testimonials we have received.

From 76 responses received the overall results were:

  • 90% would recommend the QuickScreen test to others
  • 92% found the report helpful
  • 90% rated the report as good to excellent

Please click on the questions below to see user feedback:

Was the QuickScreen Dyslexia test what you expected – what were your overall impressions?

What actions do you intend to take having completed the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test?

Any other comments on the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test?

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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