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QuickScreen is a test for dyslexia. Drawing on our research data and experience from the last twenty years, QuickScreen was developed to provide individuals and organisations with a comprehensive dyslexia screening test.

The goal was to create an easy to use online test for dyslexia that is simple to access, yet provides valuable insights into areas of difficulty and highlights dyslexia symptoms, whilst providing tips for improvement.

The screening programme is based on well-established existing tests for dyslexia (QuickScan and StudyScan), but the analysis process and reporting is new. Unlike other computer based screening tests for dyslexia, QuickScreen provides a more extensive cognitive and literacy skills report together with individually tailored recommendations. You can read more information in our FAQ section.

A Test for Dyslexia for Individuals

As an individual you are able to purchase one test unit which is made up of six sections. You can log in to carry out the test for dyslexia at different times to suit your schedule and view your report whenever you want to. You can download and print out your report which you may need for consultation or interview purposes.

A Dyslexia Screening Tool for Organisations

Organisations will find QuickScreen incredibly useful as a tool to screen small or large groups of candidates for dyslexia symptoms and to check levels of processing and literacy. The test results enable you to plan for providing study support where required. This is ideal for employees, new recruits or students in secondary, sixth form, further and higher education (17+). All dyslexia test results will be accessible from a single management portal and individual users can log in and view results from any device with internet access and a PDF reader.

Backed By Research

The QuickScreen test for dyslexia has been designed by Pico Educational Systems modelled largely on the tried and tested StudyScan screening programme, so brings all those benefits to the new test which can be completed in under an hour. We are the team behind the first computer based dyslexia assessment programme and have almost 20 years of experience creating software for the screening and assessment of dyslexia, learning styles and cognitive profiles.

Our programmes have been used in Further and Higher Education, Sixth Form Colleges, Secondary Schools and a number of other leading institutions and organisations with training requirements. See our testimonials.

In total, our software has benefited over one million users.

We created QuickScreen as we felt passionate about offering a professional dyslexia screening tool to anyone who wished to find out if they have positive dyslexia symptoms. An online test for dyslexia that is accessible from anywhere is the ideal way to reach out to individuals and organisations and provide them with a powerful, yet easy to use tool for dyslexia screening. Please do contact us to discuss how QS could work for you?

Our screening tests have an established and well respected reputation for their thoroughness and effectiveness. Our team is recognised as being supportive and available to assist tutors, IT technician and the providers of specialist support.

Pico Educational Systems Ltd is a Supporting Corporate Member of the BDA (British Dyslexia Association).

Our Extended Team

It would not have been possible to create our vision for the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test without the support of some specific businesses and organisations that have been working with us for a number of years.

We would like to thank Simon Mumford and the team at Bio-Medical Computing who took on this, at times, daunting and challenging task, to create the QS test in collaboration with Pico Education. It has taken nearly 3 years to complete and is an on-going exercise as we carry out research trials and continue to make regular updates and improvements. They have been a pleasure to work with and are highly professional. They told us that they would persist until we are happy with the results. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with them.

Pico Education would also like to thank Emma Pearce and her team at Pearce Marketing who have worked with us from the beginning of this project. They have assisted us with our website development (designed by Lilyflair Web), customer feedback, marketing planning and continue to help us with various marketing activities. They are a wonderful team!

We wish to thank the Study Support team at Cardiff University where this project originated in co-operation with the Dyslexia Tutors who are familiar with and use Pico Education products (namely QuickScan and StudyScan). Thanks also to the Psychology Department whose members and students have run trials during 2016.

We are really pleased with the report that Select Statistical Services provided on their initial analysis of our QuickScreen dyslexia test results. It doesn’t get much better than that for a first round – beautifully presented and very clearly set out. (For Pico Education’s article on the first phase of analysis results produced by Select Statistical Services – based in Exeter, Devon – please see our Research section.)

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