Online Dyslexia Test – QuickScreen (QS)

Effective Screening for Dyslexia for Adults and Teenagers

Welcome to QuickScreen (QS), an innovative online dyslexia test suitable for adults of 17 years of age and above. It is ideally suited for individuals at home and organisations testing students entering University and adults in the workplace.

This easy-to-use online dyslexia test will flag up indicators of dyslexia, providing you with a full report of your results and suggestions for training and development.

The QS online dyslexia test is intended for anyone who is experiencing difficulties with aspects of literacy and wishes to find out whether this is possibly due to dyslexia. However, if someone is dyslexic, but is effectively using strategies to deal with this and achieving high levels of literacy attainment, then this screening may not be appropriate.

Why choose the QS Online Dyslexia Test?

  • QuickScreen (QS) is more thorough than many other online dyslexia tests. This is because it looks at a wider range of attainments including visual and verbal skills, reading, vocabulary and speed of processing throughout a range of activities (not just literacy skills)
  • Undertake the test in stages or complete it all in under 1 hour
  • You can use a PC, Mac, iPad or tablet to take your online dyslexia test
  • You receive a very detailed report by email immediately after completing the screening that identifies none, borderline, mild, moderate or strong association with the indicators of dyslexia
  • We have years of experience in providing successful online dyslexia testing – read more about us

Take the QS Online Dyslexia Test for Adults (17+)

To start your online dyslexia test/screening, simply purchase one test for individual use. If you are an organisation, please register for a free evaluation period that will use multiple tests.

You start the online dyslexia test and screening with the Processing Skills task – basic literacy, processing and memory. You can immediately view your results on a bar graph and check your levels for reading speed, writing and /or typing speed, understanding of written text, quality of spelling and punctuation, memory span for spoken language and your level of accuracy in taking a short dictation. This can be done in about 10 minutes. You can then go on to complete the other 5 tasks and receive a detailed individual report with recommendations for skills improvement and ways to have your difficulties accommodated. You do not have to complete the whole test at once – you can login and do the tasks as suits you.

Our online dyslexia tests for adults and teenagers (aged 17) have been carefully designed for ease of use and detailed results, backed up by years of academic and practical research into dyslexia in further and higher education and among adults in work.

If you have been experiencing learning difficulties and suspect you may have signs or symptoms of dyslexia, QuickScreen’s dyslexia screening is able to quickly generate a report that identifies none, borderline, mild, moderate or strong association with the indicators of dyslexia.

  • Sequencing skills
  • Memory capacity
  • Study skills and fluency of English language

  • Reading, comprehension and spelling levels
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Speed of processing

Experts in Online Dyslexia Testing

The QuickScreen dyslexia screening software has been developed by Pico Educational Systems Ltd. This team pioneered the first computer based dyslexia assessment programmes for adults called StudyScan and QuickScan. QuickScreen is based largely on the tried and tested StudyScan programme, so brings all those benefits to the new test. However it adds the important features of testing speed and efficiency of processing through a range of literacy skills in under 1 hour.

Over a million users have benefited from our dyslexia screening tools, now you can too with our simple to use web based screening system. Read more about us.

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