QuickScan is an online dyslexia questionnaire for those aged 14+ – used for aiding dyslexia in the workplace

Do you want to combat dyslexia in the workplace? Our Online Dyslexia test is ideally suited for organisations as your first step in doing this. It is available to organisations in the UK, London, Scotland and England. We also help English speaking countries such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia. This questionnaire is suitable for all of your recruits, staff or students. 

An introduction to the questionnaire QuickScan – identifying dyslexia in the workplace

QuickScan is a well established dyslexia questionnaire. It was created to provide your management team with invaluable insights into a candidate, staff member or student’s learning abilities, along with possible learning difficulties that could require support.

The QuickScan dyslexia questionnaire provides a diagnostic into the way people work, their strengths and weaknesses and preferred learning style.

Whether they are an “A” student, or having difficulties, the questionnaire will help improve their self-awareness and provide an understanding for improving performance at college/university or in the workplace.

How to access the QuickScan Dyslexia Questionnaire

Please contact us to register for a free 2 month evaluation period that will include multiple tests.

QuickScan is available to install on single or multiple computers or as an online version. It is provided on an annual license basis starting from £250 plus VAT with unlimited usage.

We recommend you use a PC/laptop, Mac or large tablet to undertake your online dyslexia questionnaire (it is not suitable for mobile devices at this time).

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all and we’ll be delighted to help.

Why choose the QuickScan Dyslexia questionnaire?

  • Undertake the questionnaire of yes/no answers within just 10-20 minutes
  • Suitable for those aged 14+
  • Choose to use an online version or install QuickScan on your system
  • Simple to use on all desktops, laptops and larger tablets (not mobile devices at this time)
  • The candidate receives a report that provides an assessment of preferred learning style, needs for study skills, maths or language support, indications of dyslexia and dyspraxia, along with signs of visual stress – which is useful information to have when providing support of dyslexia in the workplace
  • Within the organisation, a detailed report is also available for tutors/supervisors via their login page or via the administration function (depending on the version you use)

What happens next?

  • If someone is flagged up as having areas requiring support, they will be recommended to undertake the more detailed six-part QuickScreen Dyslexia Test. This is a highly beneficial test for employees to take when providing support for dyslexia in the workplace.
  • QuickScreen launched in 2017. It has a management portal and is easy to use on all laptop and mobile devices. 
  • QuickScreen looks beyond pure literacy skills and is more comprehensive than other online dyslexia tests. It covers visual and verbal skills, reading, vocabulary and speed of processing for a range of activities

Your product choices for dyslexia in the workplace

Some organisations choose to utilise the QuickScan Dyslexia Questionnaire prior to using the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test. They use QuickScan to initially screen everyone and QuickScreen for those that have been flagged as showing some signs of dyslexia. Other organisations decide to just offer QuickScan or the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test on its own as their dyslexia in the workplace testing process. See the ‘Candidate Journey’ diagram on the Organisations page.

We have years of experience in providing successful online testing for dyslexia in the workplace in the UK, London, Scotland and England as well as overseas in New Zealand. Please read more – about us.


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