QuickScan is an established online dyslexia questionnaire to help indicate dyslexia in adults aged 14+

The questionnaire points out indications of dyslexia in adults for people located in the UK, London, Scotland and England. The dyslexia questionnaire can also be completed by anyone living in an English speaking country such as Australia, America and Canada. You’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your learning styles, abilities and difficulties.

Proud to be part of the Assured Scheme by the British Dyslexia Association (BDA).

Thank you for the reports. It matches very well with my own perceptions. In fact, I hadn’t done the questionnaire before, and found it very useful and fun to do. In the light of the recommendations, I will adjust my note-taking and method of studying languages, using coloured cards, and using a wider range of media.

Secondary School Teacher

An introduction to QuickScan – helping to identify dyslexia in adults

The QuickScan dyslexia questionnaire is intended to take a diagnostic look at the way you work, your strengths and weaknesses and your preferred learning style. 

This user friendly questionnaire is designed to help recognise dyslexia in adults and provide valuable information about your learning abilities and possible learning difficulties that require support. 

Whether you’re an “A” student, or having difficulties, the questionnaire is there to help you improve your self-awareness and performance at college/university or the workplace.

We have years of experience in providing successful online dyslexia testing and helping identify dyslexia in adults – read more about us.

Why choose the online QuickScan Dyslexia questionnaire?

  • Undertake the questionnaire of yes/no answers within 10-20 minutes
  • Appropriate for those aged 14+ which is suitable for indicating dyslexia in adults
  • Simple to use on all desktops, laptops and larger tablets (not mobile phones at this time)
  • At the end of the test you will receive a report that provides an assessment of your preferred learning style, needs for study skills, maths or language support, indications of dyslexia and dyspraxia, along with signs of visual stress
  • Your report is emailed to you and will also be available to view and download online when you complete the test
  • If you are flagged up as having areas requiring support, you will be recommended to undertake the more detailed QuickScreen Dyslexia Test. This is also a beneficial way of testing dyslexia in adults.

Get started with QuickScan – helping to indicate dyslexia in adults

To start your online dyslexia questionnaire, simply purchase a test (£14.50 incl VAT single use with report upon completion) using the Buy Now link below.

This will take you to PayPal to purchase the test. You will have the option to either login, if you have a PayPal account, or click on the button that says ‘pay with a debit or credit card’ (i.e. you do not need a PayPal account).

When you return to our site from PayPal, QuickScan will be ready to launch by clicking on the “Start” Button. (Please allow PayPal to return you to our QuickScan launch page automatically).

Your passcode will be emailed to you. If for any reason you choose not to complete QuickScan at that time, you can come back to this page later and click on the green QuickScan-Online Start  Page link below. 

You will need to enter the email address you used to buy your session and your passcode from the email we sent you. Then click the Start Button.

Please don’t refresh the QuickScan Start Page or use the back button when you arrive on it. 

Though this will not cause your account to be debited again it may cause the email with your passcode in it to be sent to you more than once.

How to read your report again online later

If you wish to read your QuickScan report later online, go to the green QuickScan-Online Start Page link below and log in to access your report.

QuickScan-OnLine Start Page

  • If you completed QuickScan-OnLine earlier please click here to retrieve your report online.
  • Or if you paid for a QuickScan-OnLine Session but did not complete it straight away, please click here to go to a page where you just need to enter your email and passcode, then click the “Start” button.

If you’re in the UK, London, Scotland, England or any other English speaking country please contact us if you have any questions and think you may benefit from doing a test to identify dyslexia in adults. We’re very happy to help you!


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