Dyslexia Test for Adults and Young People

If you are searching for a trusted and proven online dyslexia test designed in the UK we can help.

Our dyslexia tests can be used by individuals at home, or by organisations for students and staff in London, England, Scotland and across the UK, as well as other English speaking countries.

QuickScan Dyslexia Questionnaire and QuickScreen Dyslexia Test

Here at QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) we provide two online products for dyslexia screening for young people and adults:

The dyslexia test products are ideal for both:

  • individuals at home – single use payment and detailed report (£14.50 incl VAT for QuickScan and £34.50 incl VAT for QuickScreen) and
  • organisations – for their recruits, staff or students with a management portal, detailed reporting and annual license (starting from £250 plus VAT for QuickScan and £500 plus VAT for QuickScreen) – please contact us for a free trial.

Whether you are a personal user, educational establishment or workplace organisation, you have the option to use one or both of the test products depending on your requirements and results.

Why is QuickScreen so popular as a Dyslexia Test in the UK?

  • Our easy-to-use online dyslexia tests will flag up indicators of dyslexia and provide you with a full report of your results and suggestions for training and development.
  • In 2020 the QuickScreen test was significantly upgraded to show a new Table of Results that is more in line with an educational psychologist’s report.
  • Users of the QuickScreen test have been able to gain support within the workplace and at university for study and examinations.

My QuickScreen test report was really thorough. The certificate I received for my dyslexia was accepted as being from a qualified assessor for my TELC language exams.


Who are the people behind the dyslexia test products?

The QuickScan and QuickScreen online dyslexia screening programmes have been developed by QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) – part of Pico Educational Systems Limited.

Over a million users have benefited from Pico’s dyslexia screening tools, either at home, in education or via their employer, since we launched the first computer-based dyslexia test in 1997.

Find out more about us.

In 2018 and 2019 we were a sponsor of the British Dyslexia Association’s (BDA) Dyslexia Awareness Week activities. We were also part of the Assured Scheme that the BDA operated from 2019-2021 – and currently feature in their website’s Dyslexia Resources listing.

If you’re based in the UK, London, Scotland, England or any other English speaking countries and have any questions about our dyslexia tests, please do contact us. We’re happy to help you! We often post useful blogs with up to date news about dyslexia, general helpful advice and lots of research! 


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