Sam the Dyslexic ( has recently shared a very real and emotional blog. He’s shared his experience that he went through when he first joined the police force and overcoming the issues 10 years later.

It was back in 2007 when Sam was sat in a briefing room of around 200 prospective candidates and they watched a video which showed police cars chasing a bandit car. The briefing was about to end when a staff member was asked one of the candidates to stay behind, this was Sam. He was told “that the force could not discriminate” and “there was a five spelling mistake cap and that this would apply to me“.

Sam explained to the staff member that there was no way he could achieve this. To which he was offered “a suggestion of using ‘simpler words’.” Click here to carry on reading the full blog and learn how Sam is now helping others. Also don’t forget to follow Sam on Twitter.

Dr Dorota Walker from Pico Education has said “whilst being up front about some of the pitfalls and problems the main message comes through. If you maintain a focus of determination and positivity, then regardless of or rather in spite of dyslexia you will achieve your goals and dreams as well as enlightening those around you along the way.”

A big thank you to Sam for sharing his reality and experiences. If reading Sam’s blog resonates with you and you’re now questioning if you’re dyslexic, take a look at our QuickScreen dyselxia test. Do contact us if you have questions – we’d be happy to help.

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