Diagnosing Dyslexia – 3 Reasons to take an Online Dyslexia Test

Do you think you or someone you know has dyslexia? You may be wondering how to get a correct diagnosis – either through an online dyslexia test or a psychologist. This blog will give you an insight into why Online Dyslexia Tests are a cost-effective and sensible option for not only diagnosis, but also as a skills update and source of recommendations for exam concessions and employer support.

1. Online dyslexia tests are credible. They have had to become more rigorous in terms of their research and validity. For example, the QuickScreen (QS) Dyslexia Test was created from our research data and experience from the last 20 years. We are also the team behind the first computer based dyslexia assessment programme – so rest-assured we are credible. Regarding research, most recently in 2015/2016, we conducted a study into our QuickScreen test. This included work with Universities and members of the public via the British Dyslexia Association website. Over 2000 people had taken the test at that time. This research proved that where a candidate gets a mild, moderate or strong dyslexia indication, they are very likely to have been correctly identified with dyslexia. See our full research here.


2. Online dyslexia tests provide diagnosis and helpful ongoing skills assessments at various points in an individuals life. Research shows that once a person has been diagnosed as dyslexic they are unlikely to cease being dyslexic throughout their lives. But they can do assessments to get an up-to-date view of their skills.  Therefore, if someone has a positive diagnosis, then why would an up-to-date online dyslexia test not be valid and useful?  The test is not always there to prove dyslexia, it also provides a skills update for the purposes of study requirements, exam concessions and to help employers offer relevant support.


3. Online dyslexia tests cost less than a full dyslexia assessment with a Psychologist. If someone has not been assessed officially, or possibly cannot afford to pay for an assessment with a psychologist, there should be other options for them. Online tests are very affordable. And if someone completes one or several reputable online tests, that show indications of dyslexia, these should be seen as valid results.

All of our points are up for discussion and comment. Have you had good experiences with online dyslexia tests?

Find out more about our online dyslexia test here or take the test now.


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