Online Dyslexia test for your students, recruits and staff

QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) provide two online dyslexia test products for adult dyslexia screening for organisations in the UK, London, Scotland and England. As well as other English speaking countries including New Zealand (click here for individuals):

Both products are ideal for organisations that wish to screen their recruits, staff or students. You’ll have a management portal, detailed reporting and simple annual license (after a free trial).

QuickScreen and QuickScan are used by universities, colleges, armed forces, the public sector, family services and other businesses and organisations.

The programmes have been developed by QS Dyslexia Tests – part of Pico Educational Systems Limited – who developed the first, internationally respected, computer-based dyslexia assessment programme over 20 years ago. Find out more about us.

So pleased to have the support from QS Dyslexia Tests in Force to support our employees. The data can tell us so much and allow us to offer specific help where needed.

– Lancashire Police Disability Support Group

Which online dyslexia test is right for my organisation?

You can choose to utilise one or both products depending on your requirements.

Some organisations choose to put everyone through the QuickScan Questionnaire and then ask those who show signs of Dyslexia to undertake the more comprehensive QuickScreen test. Some organisations decide to just offer QuickScan or the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test on its own.

How to contact us

Please get in touch to discuss your options and starting a free trial of one or both online dyslexia test products if your based in the UK, London, Scotland or England. Also if you’d like more information overseas.

Find out more about QuickScan and QuickScreen

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the tests or starting a free trial.

Read more about us and our testimonials.

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