Online Dyslexia Assessment for Organisations

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QuickScreen (QS) is the ideal tool for dyslexia assessment for adults in an organisation that would benefit from screening any number of candidates/students/staff for:
  • Indications of dyslexia
  • English language difficulties
  • General problems with study relating to weaknesses in reading, comprehension, spelling and writing, or slowness in coping with literacy based tasks.

QuickScreen is a fantastic adult dyslexia assessment tool for use by the following institutions and employers:

  • Further and Higher Education Institutions (Universities, University Students & Colleges)
  • Secondary schools and sixth form colleges
  • Armed Forces
  • A number of Professional Organisations
  • Recruitment and HR agencies



Taking out an annual license to use QuickScreen is the most cost-effective way of screening a large number of users.

Please click here to request a free QS dyslexia assessment trial.


Quick and easy to use on any device at any time


  • The online nature of our dyslexia assessment tool makes it very accessible. You can conduct the screening on a PC, Mac, iPad or tablet and multiple tests can be carried out simultaneously.
  • What’s more, all results are held in an online portal for simple management and instant retrieval at any time. You can even view results on mobile devices with internet access and a PDF reader.
  • Your staff or students start with the Processing Skills task – basic literacy, processing and memory. They can immediately view their results on a bar graph and check their levels for reading speed, writing and /or typing speed, understanding of written text, quality of spelling and punctuation, memory span for spoken language and their level of accuracy in taking a short dictation. This can be done in about 10 minutes.
  • They can then go on to complete the other 5 tasks in the dyslexia assessment and receive a detailed individual report with recommendations for skills improvement and ways to have their difficulties accommodated. The tests can be done in one session or a user can log in at a time that suits them to do one or more tasks at a time that suits them. All stages can be completed in under 1 hour.


How does the dyslexia assessment process work for multiple users?

woman taking written dyslexia assessment

  • You will be given your own management portal, to which designated administrators can sign in and view how many tests have been used and which dyslexia assessments are partially completed. They will also be able to access a summary of the results.
  • Administrators will be responsible for assigning dyslexia assessment tests to students/staff and providing them with the required log in information to take the tests.
  • Once a student/staff member has completed the dyslexia assessment a report will be sent to the nominated portal manager within your organisation. Tutors can then add comments and recommendations to the report before sending it on to the student/staff member and arranging a date to discuss it with them.
  • The portal dashboard also has a Tutor Manual and a Technical Guide. There is also a facility for collating all results in a CSV file for research and archiving purposes from one year to the next.

What will the dyslexia assessment report tell us?


The QS Dyslexia assessment tool is incredibly useful for determining cognitive strengths and weaknesses as well as establishing speed and efficiency in dealing with literacy based tasks. The results will flag up those who are dyslexic, as distinct from those who have more general learning problems or a lack of familiarity with the English language. It is a very cost-effective and accurate method for assessing candidates and new recruits for learning difficulties.

If indicators of dyslexia, English language difficulties or study skills needs are identified by QuickScreen, then suggestions will be included in the report on the next steps to take.

It is important to remember that despite presenting candidates with a detailed picture of their learning strengths and weaknesses at the time of taking the tests, QS is not to be treated as a final diagnosis. If dyslexia assessment results indicate some or many of the symptoms of dyslexia, it would be advisable to then follow up with a full diagnostic assessment with an educational psychologist or certified specialist dyslexia tutor to determine the precise nature and scope of their difficulties. This would also enable candidates to gain access to study support within the education system or from their place of employment. You can read more information in our FAQ section.

To request a free QS dyslexia assessment trial for your organisation please click here.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about your organisation using the QS dyslexia assessments for adults (17+).


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