Dyslexia Test for Adults

man taking QS dyslexia test for adults on an iPad
Quickscreen is a dyslexia test for adults. The QuickScreen online dyslexia test is an ideal way of self-testing for signs of dyslexia if you are aged 17+.

Test Yourself

  • You can register within minutes to begin the dyslexia test and after completion you’ll receive a full report of your results in your email inbox instantly.
  • This dyslexia test is suitable for people aged 17+. There is a £10 charge for the test (for a limited period).
  • The whole test could be completed within 1 hour – but can be undertaken in stages.


What do I have to do?

There are a few simple steps to access and complete the QuickScreen dyslexia test for adults:

  • Register for the dyslexia test and make your payment. (Note – when a payment is charged it will be via PayPal, but you can click on the option to pay by credit or debit card – you don’t have to have a PayPal account.)
  • You will be given clear instructions on how to complete this dyslexia test for adults (17+).
  • You can use a PC, Mac, iPad or tablet to take your online dyslexia test
  • You start with the Processing Skills task – basic literacy, processing and memory. You can immediately view your results on a bar graph and check your levels for reading speed, writing and /or typing speed, understanding of written text, quality of spelling and punctuation, memory span for spoken language and your level of accuracy in taking a short dictation. This can be done in about 10 minutes.
  • There are another 5 parts to the test, but you can complete them in any order and you don’t have to do them all at once. Just log in again and complete the next section when you are ready. You will be able to clearly see your progress with completing the series of tests. (To complete the processing skills test and these additional 5 sections can take less than an hour.)
  • When all six tests have been completed you will see a full and very detailed report (with bar graph) with recommendations for skills improvement and ways to have your difficulties accommodated.
  • A copy of the comprehensive report will also be emailed to you and you can log in again and read the report at any time.


Choosing the right online dyslexia test for adults…

Online dyslexia testing and screening is a popular method of dyslexia self-assessment for those asking ‘Am I Dyslexic?‘ and there are many options available. It is important to make sure you are taking a dyslexia test that is backed up by research.

Our online dylexia testing systems have been used by over one million users to screen for dyslexia and learning difficulties.

The QuickScreen dyslexia test for adults and teenagers (17+) has been developed by Pico Educational Systems. We are the team behind the first dyslexia screening software for adults and our programmes are supported by years of research into dyslexia in both an academic and practical capacity. We are a Supporting Corporate Member of the BDA (British Dyslexia Association).


Will the report answer my question – Am I dyslexic?

QuickScreen is our most comprehensive and up-to-date test for adults yet. It’s an ideal way of self-assessing dyslexia symptoms if you have been experiencing learning difficulties. Simply register as an individual user to begin the screening.

It is important to remember that despite presenting you with a very detailed picture of your learning strengths and weaknesses at the time of taking the tests, QuickScreen is not to be treated as a final diagnosis. If indicators of dyslexia, English language difficulties or study skills needs are identified by Quickscreen, then suggestions will be included in your report on the next steps to take.

If your test results indicate moderate or strong symptoms of dyslexia, it would be advisable to then follow up with a full diagnostic assessment with an educational psychologist or certified specialist dyslexia tutor to determine the precise nature and scope of your difficulties. This would also enable you to gain access to study support within the education system or from your place of employment. You can read more information in our FAQ section.

To register and begin your dyslexia test for adults now click here


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