Reading is such an important skill that is closely linked to levels of educational and professional performance, as well as being a rewarding personal activity for enjoyment, escapism and building knowledge.

By taking our new diagnostic reading test for adults (16+), you can understand your current scores against a series of reading-based criteria.

This test is intended to provide:

  • a starting point for developing reading skills
  • help to identify processing difficulties or dyslexia (if English is your first language), which may be impacting on the more general aspects of reading.

The reading test is being offered to individuals that take the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test.

And if you have already taken the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test, you won’t miss out. Just login again and the test will be available to you too.

Please do give us your feedback on the reading test in the comments at the bottom of this blog. We’d love to hear from you.

What to expect from this Reading Test

The test typically takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Your reading test report includes results on your levels of reading speed, reading accuracy, reading fluency and processing speed.

It will be based upon the well established elements of reading comprehension and will test retrieval of facts, inference, overview and assimilation of ideas.

However, it will go further and include sequencing of information and organisation of facts and ideas – a specific aspect of reading that can be particularly challenging for some readers.

Other reading related skills such as knowledge of vocabulary and general knowledge will also be included.

Your Reading Test Results

You will see your results online after completing the test and there is an option to download a report.

Your results are displayed in a graph within a report that describes each of the reading criteria, along with advice about what different scores mean in terms of support you may need, as well as indications of dyslexia. You will also be provided with reading tips.

The graph and report relate to these seven areas:

  • Silent Reading Speed
  • Reading Accuracy
  • Reading Fluency
  • Comprehension (factual, inference, overview)
  • Comprehension (vocabulary, general knowledge)
  • Comprehension (Sequencing, organising)
  • Processing Speed (in context with other results above)

Results graph example:

Reading test results graph from QuickScreen Dyslexia Tests

Why is the Reading Test free?

This is a new test and we are looking to gain data from individuals completing it, in order to have it independently statistically assessed.

This may lead to additional developments in early 2024.

About Pico Education and QuickScreen Dyslexia Tests

Pico Education is the creator of the QuickScan Dyslexia Questionnaire and the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test used by individuals and organisations worldwide. Read more about us.

While some people with dyslexia may well be fluent readers, we are all well aware that others have experienced difficulties, and continue to do so, to a greater or lesser extent.

Our research indicates that one of the key issues for adults with dyslexia is the time it takes to read, as well as the need to go back and re-read sections in order to gain a more complete understanding of the content.

To help identify and further explore these difficulties we have created this reading test. It has been standardised for use with university students, yet will have a general application for all who want to explore reading skills.

Pico is a supporting Corporate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA).

  1. The reading test was really helpful. It provided a great insight into my reading ability. I was also able to share this with my HR department and line manager at work so they are aware of certain things. I would recommend people take this test!

    • Thank you for your very positive feedback Chloe – much appreciated. Great to hear that you found the reading test such a helpful addition alongside the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test. Wishing you all the very best.

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