Read our adult dyslexia test reviews below. QuickScreen is an online adult dyslexia test – used by individuals and organisations. QuickScreen is based on our well-established existing dyslexia tests (QuickScan and StudyScan).

As well as these testimonials you can also read User Feedback from those that have completed the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test.

We developed the first computer based adult dyslexia test and have 20 years of experience. In total, our software has benefited over one million users to date. In 2016 we launched the new QuickScreen Dyslexia test. Please read on to see reviews from individuals that have undertaken the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test and organisations that use the test for students, new recruits and staff. Finally, you can also see adult dyslexia test reviews for Pico Education’s other dyslexia solutions.

Read Testimonials from Individuals

Read Testimonials from Organisations

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