Read our adult dyslexia test reviews below for both QuickScreen and QuickScan.

QuickScreen is an online adult dyslexia test (for those aged 17+). QuickScan is an online dyslexia screening questionnaire (14+). Both are used by individuals and organisations for their students, new recruits and staff.

You can read dyslexia test reviews for both below.

We developed the first computer based adult dyslexia test and have 20 years of experience. In total, our software has benefited over one million users to date. In 2016 we launched the new QuickScreen Dyslexia test. Find out more about us and independent research verifying the QuickScreen dyslexia test.

QuickScreen Reviews

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QuickScreen User Feedback

This feedback was collated from survey responses after a individuals completed their QuickScreen dyslexia test (in 2016).

From 76 responses received the overall results were:

  • 90% would recommend the QuickScreen test to others
  • 92% found the report helpful
  • 90% rated the report as good to excellent

QuickScan Reviews

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